1. Killin' Frost

From the recording The Crumbs

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Killin’ Frost

I swear this land it hates the plow
It’s hard as asphalt this damn ground
Last night's rain was slow and soft
The crisp hard clay just shook it off
I know this never was your plan
Me raising crops on your daddy’s land
You always swore there was more to life
You’d never be a farmer’s wife

When are these crops gonna grow
When is the storm gonna stall
When is the levee gonna break
When is the ax gonna fall

Your dress is threadbare and its torn
Just like the kind your momma wore
I think back when you used to say
Momma don't you wanna get away
I swear we’ll get you that degree
If I could only sell these beans
But Mary don’t think hope is lost
We can survive this Killin’ Frost


Just like seeds cast amongst the stones
We gotta fight like hell babe, If we’re gonna grow