Tony Logue

Tony Logue isn’t new to singing about the rigors of Western Kentucky life,  how they intertwine with the raw geography of the land and the graphic history of bloodlines. His 2018 acoustic album Serpents and Saviors  is a fine showcase of his sharp storytelling mixed with cutting observation. But 2022’s Jericho  ups the ante by pulling out all the stops and assembling the right pieces to help tell his stories (“Saving Country Music” 2022.) While Logue’s 2022 release Jericho  was met with critical acclaim, his 2023 follow up album The Crumbs  found its way on all the same end of year lists. Logue and his longtime backing band, The 184, are quickly carving out their place among their respective Kentucky alumni. Logue’s characters often have grease beneath their nails and their backs against the wall. Stories woven with the thread of hardship and hope. Poignant tales that speak to the human desire for redemption and the need to chart a new and better path forward. As a songwriter, Logue has proven a voice for America’s Heartland. A blend of Country, Americana and Folk. But make no mistake, Tony Logue and the 184 are a Rock & Roll band, and a good one at that. 

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