From the recording Jericho

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Sins of My Father

He drank to much
He drank to often
He smoked menthol cigarettes
They kept him coughing
All the wrong that he did
I wouldn’t I swore
Now the sins of my father
They lie and wait like a wolf at the door

He’d come home late
And drink hisself blind
Trying to wash that soul sucking
Job from his mind
All the smoke and the rye
Played hard on his health
Now the sins of my father
They’re all over me like a hound sent from Hell

I see him there when I look in my eyes
I can’t seem to shake these family ties
This damned old liquor ain’t thicker than blood
Now the sins of my father they're making me
Every bit the man that he was

He swore he would quit
He swore he was fine
He swore off the booze and the smokes
So many times
Now as I state my name
And admit my disease
And hand it all over to the power
They say is greater than me