From the recording Jericho

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Dead Flowers

Jubel came home lookin’ for a fight
Annie was asleep she’d been crying all night
Bills on the table Pills in the drawer
The baby was sleeping on the bed room floor
Nothing to drink, Nothing to eat
Lonely is the sound of a little boy’s feet
Down a hollow hall, where hopes last spark
Is dead as the flowers in the mason jar

There’s gold in the mountains coal in them hills
Doctor said Jubel oughta take these pills
Said you’re down and out, won’t be long
You’ll be back in the mine before the first leaf falls
Jubel got callous, Jubel got sick
Annie said addiction is a son of a bitch
It’s a son of a bitch the devil’s right hand
Annie threw the water out the flowers are dead

Seasons come and go
All you’re left with is the past
Sometimes your faith and hope
Is like dead flowers in a glass

Tears are fallin' down a little boy’s face
Annie’s laying limp at the foot of the grave
At the foot of the grave, Silent as a stone
Prayin' knees wore down to the bone
Prayed for comfort Prayed for peace
Annie said the Lord must have fallen asleep
Grief’s a debt, the devil needs payed
Dead flowers laying on a pile of clay