From the recording Jericho

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Road to Richmond

I pulled in to Richmond
It was freezing rain and snow
Winchester on the seat
Carla’s blood still on my clothes
Lookin for a blue dodge truck
The one Tom Walker drives
Yeah, when I find ole Tom Walker
I’m gonna set things right

Carla came home cryin'
Momma met her at the door
Dark bruises on her face
Her white nightgown was torn
We sent her brother back to bed
And we doctored up her face
Then I hit the West Kentucky
Without a moments waste

It’s a long road to Richmond
Starin' down a blood red moon
It’s a long road to Richmond
Tell Carla I’ll be home soon

When I found him he was strung out
Layin' in his brother’s house
I came in through the back door
Quiet as a mouse
I heard him take a deep breath
As he reached for a smoke
I knelt down beside him
Laid a buck knife to his throat

The last thing I remember
Was the glow of Christmas lights
Headed outta Richmond
Oh Holy Holy night
I took him to the river
Down where I run my jugs
Wrapped up in a carpet
Filled up the whole I dug


I go back there some nights
Just to let the blueticks run
Down there where ole Tom Walker
Lay beneath the river mud
I pray that the good Lord
Forgives me what I do
I know in my heart He does
Cause he’s a father too