From the recording Jericho

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Losin’ Kind

My daddy carved a living
Mining east Kentucky coal
Black lung took his breathing
Devil took his soul
My momma she went crazy
Slowly lost her shit
Left me on my grandma’s front step not long before she split

I learned to use my fist for fighting
My hands for honest pay
Tried to walk the straight and narrow
It never was my way
In the land of milk and honey, All I reap is rust
Grandma said that milk and honey son ain’t meant for folks like us

I was born the Losin’ kind
Hard times run in my bloodline
Seems I can’t break free no matter how I try
I was born, the Losin’ kind

I had a girl who loved me
And a mortgaged piece of land
These welding burns provided
A life I couldn’t stand
One night while she lay sleeping
I up and walked away
She tried so hard to hold me
But boys like me don’t stay


On the day that I’m called home
They’ll carve it on my stone