From the recording Jericho

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Her skin was tan as the sand on the banks
Of the Cumberland River we lay
Her eyes were soft as sapphire stones
Her cheeks flush as Tennessee clay
When I told her that I never before
She said just leave it to me
She took my hands there in that sand
In a moments time I was set free

On the banks of the Cumberland River
Like a moth drawn down to a flame
On the banks of the Cumberland River
I was baptized in her name

That dirty water soon washed over me
And I was raised up brand new
I went down a kid still lost in my sin
Rose up with a new point of view
I wasn’t washed in her blood but the lack there of
Lit a fire I couldn’t contain
I saw the light there in her eyes
A dead man rose up from the grave


And the veil was torn
And I was reborn