From the recording Jericho

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Calloway County

Daddy just stood there with blood on his face
I let the screen door slam
Momma said boy don’t you leave here this way
I told her I don’t give a damn
He was stiff necked and sharp like a razor
And he knew how to light my fuse
For years I just stuffed all the anger
With a right hand I turned it all loose

The porch swing was hanging there empty
House black as the ace of spades
Her bedroom light hit like a beacon
She stood there bare feet on the clay
I told her I’m done with the sawmill
And this ill-fated Langmore name
I wish to God that I didn’t have
A drop of that blood in my veins

Calloway County oh turn me loose
Lord set me free
Rip up the roots of my raising
And chop down this family tree

I was born a cursed damn Langmore
People say we’re one in the same
I turned seventeen the man of the house
While Dad was locked up in La Grange
I’ve heard the sins of the father
They befall on the son
But there’s no way in hell that I’ll ever be
The same kind of man that he was