From the recording Jericho

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I took a job welding on the second shift
Down at the James Shipyard
I come home dirty and I come home late
Strip my clothes in the barn
By the time I crawl into bed
Sara Lynn is fast asleep
I kiss her on the neck and smell her hair
Press my lips to her cheek

You know I hate the hours and I hate the work
But of late we’ve fell on tough times
Work at the hall is all dried up
It’s left us rolling nickels and dimes
Shipyard work ain’t worth a damn
It ain’t worth a damn at all
My heart tells me I can do better
But right now my back’s to the wall

And a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do
And for you babe I swore I would
Take my hand darling and hold on tight
Til we get back to good

You’re standing there in a gown of white
The man says for better or worse
If you’d known then what you know now
You’d probably run right out of the church
Every night as I try to sleep
Those same thoughts pierce my mind
I wake up my pillow soaking wet
While the baby we never had’s crying


I met a boy last night down on the dock
He told me had cash on hand
If I’d do one little favor for him
It’d get us out of this jam
There’s a line between right and wrong
There’s a choice somewhere in between
What I once saw as black and white
Now looks kinda grey to me