1. SILAS

From the recording Jericho

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Heard Momma crying in the dead of night
Sat straight up in bed
Has anybody seen Silas
Is all the sheriff said
Daddy keeps trying to reconcile
But he knows it ain’t no use
Tucker’s boys, they won’t rest
With Silas on the loose.

Down where the cotton mouths grow
Where the sun don’t ever show
And the muddy Clarks River rolls
Silas boy you better lay low

Silas loved Becca with all his heart
And he swore he always would
Becca loved boys and bar rooms
Silas never understood
I saw Becca out last Saturday night
With a boy they call Jack Jones
I gave ole Jack the warning
He better leave Becca alone


Jack’s been gone for 3 days straight
Silas ain’t been home
Tucker’s boys done run this town
With a fine tooth comb
The whole damn town is silent
They’re all keeping to themselves
Jack Jones he ain’t breathed a word
Cause Dead men tell no tales