Tony Logue

Kentucky has historically proven itself as fertile ground for prolific singer-songwriters. Western Kentucky’s Tony Logue is exactly that. On the heels of his 2018 LP release, Serpents & Saviors, Logue is slowly carving out his place among his respective Kentucky alumni. Serpents, a collection of stories neatly woven with the thread of hardship and hope. Both stark and elegant the album is reminiscent of Nebraska era Springsteen; a blend of memoir and fiction. Stories mined from everyday experiences and others gleaned from novels and short stories read along the way. Recorded at the historic House of David studio in Nashville, Tennessee and engineered by Brandon Henegar, the project did exactly what Logue had set out to do. “I had this collection of songs that I felt were best suited for that type of environment”, says Logue. “I had this idea of a guy in a room with a story to tell. No smoke, no mirrors. Just the songs.”

Logue was born and raised in Benton, Kentucky; a small town situated just west of Kentucky Lake. He has spent the better part of the last decade honing his craft to a razor sharp edge and has steadily built an impressive grass roots following to boot. Logue’s 2012 LP release Reckless Kind, garnered regional acclaim and landed Tony and his band on bills with the likes of Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit. Tony has spent much of his adult life working as a mechanic at a chemical plant in Calvert City, Kentucky. Pulling wrenches by day, while nightly trading those in for a different set of tools. Namely, a Gibson J-45 and a few hand made leather bound notebooks packed full of songs. “My wife makes these fantastic leather bound books that I love to write in. They have this romantic appeal to them that makes it feel like you really have something special in there”, Logue says with a laugh.

Some nights Tony takes the stage with just an acoustic guitar, while other nights he and his band churn out something a little heavier, something with a little more grit. Either way, one thing remains perfectly clear, it’s all about the song.

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Audio Tracks

  1. State Line Tony Logue 3:49
  2. The Storm Tony Logue 4:46
  3. Jenny Ridge Tony Logue 5:48
  4. Deadwood Tony Logue 4:54
  5. Reckless Kind Tony Logue 3:57
  6. Cut Rileys Daughter Tony Logue 3:58
  7. Darkness on the Edge of Town Tony Logue 3:55
  8. Nowhere USA Tony Logue 4:02
  9. Down the Line Tony Logue 4:18
  10. Hanging By A Thread Tony Logue 2:54
  11. Earnhardt Tony Logue 3:46
  12. When You Get Here Tony Logue 3:08
  13. The Girl From Deadhorse Hollow Tony Logue 4:01
  14. Dues Tony Logue 4:20
  15. Road I Chose_1 Tony Logue 3:15